Friday Favs

Hey hey hey its friyay! I’m super excited about this new weekly theme, Friday Favs! Here I’ll talk about my favorites of the week. From dresses to hues and travel pics to fellow bloggers. If you want to know anything about me at all, you’ll read these posts! Don’t forget to comment what you loved on my lists!

Favorite dress

Giada Meoni wears this beautiful ensemble from Chi Chi Clothing and slays! 💁🏼‍♀️ She’s so naturally beautiful and this gorgeous dress sends her look over the edge (in the best way!)


Favorite space

Heather’s nursery itself can give you baby fever! I mean, look how perfect it is! I especially love how the simplicity of the changing cushion on the dresser doubles- so you can use it just as a dresser later on when they stop wearing diapers! Super savings!

heather interiorheather interior 3heather interior 2

Favorite treat

This No Bake Summer Berry Lasagna is a perfect treat for all US themed holidays. I know 4th July is over, but a lot of parties are over the weekend, right? Find the recipehere


Fav Bucket List item

Okay, exploring and riding a camel in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt sounds amazingggg. Look how pretty this camel is! This photographer, Египет Пляж is great! Find his work by clicking the link!

camel pretty.jpg

Favorite Color Scheme:

I’ve been totally crushing on blushy hues lately.

pink color pallet

Favorite feed:

Natalie’s Instagram feed is a refreshing amount of real. She talks about all things lifestyle, features meal prep, workouts, and DIY in her stories, and on top of that, she raises two boys! The amount of love that radiates from her feed is an inspiration. You can find her blog here!

natalienatalie 3

Here’s my weekly favs for June 6, 2018!! I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. Comment your thoughts below and let’s connect!




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