Holistic Health: Fall Seasonal Eating Guide

Holistic Health: Fall Seasonal Eating Guide

Seasonal produce guide for Fall to help you live a healthier life. 

We all want to eat healthier, right? Eating food that’s in season will give you more nutrients and will help you save money! The benefits are all there.

If you make a recipe using this months list, snap a quick pic and use the hashtag on Instagram with the hashtag #LLholistichealth to encourage us all to eat healthier and seasonally.


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Holistic Health: Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Holistic Health: Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Okay guys, I’ve been obsessed with holistic health lately. I’m buying air purifying plants, working out, buying fresh produce from the local farmers market, giving myself more aromatherapy spa days, and learning to appreciate my body by giving it what it needs, when it needs it. Which is why I want to talk to you about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

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Going Green: 11 Simple Swaps

Going green seems so hard to do. It seems out of reach. It seems as though you can’t find ways to be green while saving money.  Okay, well, stop with the seeming and doubting. Going green can and will save you money. Here’s some ways you can save some money while saving the planet! (I’ve already ordered some of these, and will write a post in the future about how much savings I’ve had)


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3 Ways To Live A More Positive Lifestyle

Hey you! You’re probably here because you need some tips on embracing a positive life! You’ve been reading blog posts that have the same points: Keeping a gratitude journal, drinking more water, etc. And while those suggestions are great ideas, I think it’s time we kick things up a notch.

Here, i’ll tell you about three things with big impacts that you can do to start living your most elevated life!


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Rise and Shine With Anxiety and Stress: My Morning Routine

Hey pretty! If your life is anything like mine, it’s chaotic. It’s overwhelming, it’s exhausting, but sometimes it can be fun! I can’t stand sitting around all day. My life at home, my job, my dog, and my husband all keep me busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I may like it, BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed or that I don’t need some “me” time.


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