11 Things You Must Do in London

What’s your favourite city? I’ve lived in the United Kingdom for two years, and in that time, I’ve had a lot of time to explore, but London is my favourite place. No matter how many times you go or have been, you will never be done exploring! I’m 100% obsessed. Maybe it’s because I’m from a small town, or maybe I like taking day trips too much. (Let’s be honest, it’s probably both). Anyhoo, let’s dive in to my top 11 favourite things to do in London!

  1. The Shard- I like to think of it as the “Eiffel Tower of London” because from the top you can see aerial views of the beauty and fun this city has to offer. Complete with restaurants and bars on every floor, it is probably wise to book a reservation to eat here, as the views are unbeatable and everybody knows it. (Have lunch at Duck and Waffle, you won’t regret it!)
  2. A boat ride on the River Thames– This relaxing river boat ride is only 15 pounds and takes you on a calm sightseeing tour. So kick up your feet as you see the sights and people watch!
  3. Shop on Oxford StreetIf your a “shop-till-you-drop” type (guilty) Oxford Street is for you. Tons of shops and beautiful architecture!
  4. Persephone Books– A bookstore for feminists, this quaint little bookshop features out-of-print works by neglected female writers of the 20th century. I was in awe of the stacks of books this shop has, and my favourite book from there so far is Flaneuse: Women Walk the City by Lauren Elkin
  5. Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch– This amazing bar has the BEST loaded fries and burgers, their house bourbon is to die for (coming from someone who doesn’t really like alcohol) and they even have themed nights throughout the week. The best is, in my opinion, “#WhiskeyWeds” where their whiskey is sold at a discounted rate! Check out their instagram here!
  6. Macaroons at Laduree– A french patisserie in the Piccadilly Arcade, Laduree features the best Macaroons you’ll probably ever have. My top two are their Rose Petal flavor and their Salted Caramel.  Macaroons
  7. M&M World– Three.Whole.Stories. Of M&M flavors that are ONLY in the factory. Need I say more?!
  8. The IMAX in Leicester Square– This movie theatre was amazing, and they have a bar. Perfect for duos  who want a semi-introverted outing but one tends to like to let loose. Best of both worlds!
  9. Buckingham Palace- This Regal castle is a definite must-see sight! I fell in love with it IMMEDIATELY. You can also experience the Changing of the Guards in the springtime.
  10. Nostegia– A food truck serving bubble waffles and bubble tea, Nostegia is, by far, my all time favourite sweet stop in London.
  11. Imperial War Museum– If you’re a huge war history buff like my husband, or just like to look at cool stuff (like me), do your inner historian a favour by visiting this massive museum.

Those are my 11 “must dos” in London so far! I hope you find the time to go to this fabulous city and do some of these things! Don’t forget to let me know your favourite city and your favourite things to do there in the comment section! Here’s some pictures from my recent London trips! Enjoy!