Going Green: 11 Simple Swaps

Going green seems so hard to do. It seems out of reach. It seems as though you can’t find ways to be green while saving money.  Okay, well, stop with the seeming and doubting. Going green can and will save you money. Here’s some ways you can save some money while saving the planet! (I’ve already ordered some of these, and will write a post in the future about how much savings I’ve had)


  1. Your fav reusable water bottle in place of bottled water. This one and this one are my favorites because they’re glass and 10% of the profits from SandCloud purchases go toward saving marine life. (Savings Tip: Use my coupon code VictoriaHan25 for 25% off!!)
  2. Bring your own coffee cup to Starbucks, Mcdonalds, or your local coffee shop. This way you can #refusethestraw
  3. Buying aTravel utensil set may sound silly, but it’s actually great and can be quite stylish. You can get the wraps for them in different fun patterns and colors for every member of your household, too! I plan on getting 4-5 sets to keep at the house and in my purse, and just giving my silverware to a charity shop.
  4. Cloth unpaper towels- these are machine washable and replace 6 months of paper towel waste! I like these and these11
  5. Beeswax wrap instead of plastic wrap/ food baggies.
  6. Reusable mesh, cotton, or rattan bags in place of plastic bags
  7. Reusable K-cup pods These are super easy to clean, allow you to keep variety in your daily grind, and minimize your waste a ton. Keurig plastic K-cups are super convenient for us but are soooo bad for the environment.
  8. Dryer balls in place of dryer sheets.I really like the cactus and the hedgehog ones, they’re so adorable! (Fun fact: I actually owned a Hedgehog for a while. Her name was Kiko. They’re fascinating creatures, really, but require a lot of work and care.)
  9. Shampoo bars in place of shampoo bottles. These are usually wrapped in paper.  Look to Etsy or local stores to support small shops! Helps the earth and helps small biz owners.
  10. A Menstrual Cup in place of tampons/pads. This option is also a great money saver! I know tons of women who have used this and absolutely love it. It’s not for everyone though, so if you still wanna go green in this aspect, you could try reusable and washable cotton pads. (Etsy is great for this lately)
  11. Use a water filter pitcher, such as a Brita. Or a regular jug with a charcoal filter. The only thing with the Brita, though, is that the filters are also made of plastic so you have plastic waste, which is the bane of our environment’s existence. I will be switching to a tap filter attachment and the charcoal filter until I find a glass pitcher with some other, greener kind of filtration system.


Have you made any environmentally friendly switches lately? Is there anything you think I should add? Tell me about them in the comments!




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