3 Ways To Live A More Positive Lifestyle

Hey you! You’re probably here because you need some tips on embracing a positive life! You’ve been reading blog posts that have the same points: Keeping a gratitude journal, drinking more water, etc. And while those suggestions are great ideas, I think it’s time we kick things up a notch.

Here, i’ll tell you about three things with big impacts that you can do to start living your most elevated life!


Positive affirmation passwords 

It may not seem like a huge gesture, but setting some inspiring words or phrases as your passwords is an amazing idea and can set the tone for your day, week, and even your life! When you read, type, or say the same words multiple times per day, it can become hardwired into your brain. Read this blog post by Lauren Conrad to learn more! Here’s some ideas & examples.

  • killingit
  • 4give
  • hav3faith
  • L0veurs3lf
  • selfLove=selfGrowth
  • heybeautiful/gorgeous/pretty

Socialize with the right people 

This step is crucial to having a positive outlook on life. Surrounding yourself with people who complains constantly is going to have the worst effect on you in the long run. I used to have a friend who used to complain about one thing after another almost every minute of the 7-8 hours we hung out daily. Ultimately, it drained me.

Don’t get me wrong, complaining is completely fine, and I’m one of the best people to rant and rave to, according to my friends. But there’s a fine line between having a bad week/ month/year and just having an overall poor attitude about life all the time.

Eventually, I had to completely cut this friend off because she was eating up too much of my emotional energy. I couldn’t keep up with my own emotions and her attitude rubbed off on me, which led me to take it out on those around me. That’s when I realized she was toxic and I needed to remove her from my life.

You have to understandit’s okay to let go of someone who ultimately has a negative effect on you. Do yourself a favor by taking the scissors to that relationship. 

Learn to let go

Letting go of the past is a big step in living a more positive and empowered life. This was a huge one for me, and even I’m not there yet. It takes time.

As someone who grew up with an abusive figure in my life, I know first hand that letting go of the past is hard. I’ve distanced myself from said person, I’ve went to counselling, and I’ve reflected (more times than I can count) on how I was treated, and I manifested that anger and sadness.

This led me on a pretty self-destructive path that I didn’t talk to anyone about for a long time. I am finally working on it, and every day I find myself moving forward.

Finding a good support system, and maybe even therapy if your health insurance will cover it, can help you tremendously if you’re struggling to let go of past situations, manifest happiness and live the life you want.

Well, there you have it, friend! My top three ways I’ve helped myself live a more positive life! I hope this helps you, too.

How do you stay positive in your day to day life? Tell me in the comments!




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