Rise and Shine With Anxiety and Stress: My Morning Routine

Hey pretty! If your life is anything like mine, it’s chaotic. It’s overwhelming, it’s exhausting, but sometimes it can be fun! I can’t stand sitting around all day. My life at home, my job, my dog, and my husband all keep me busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I may like it, BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed or that I don’t need some “me” time.


Rise & shine with anxiety and stress

Those of you who also have anxiety and depression  know exactly what it’s like to wake up with a giant black cloud over our heads, and feeling like there’s a weight in our guts. Waking up tired, uninspired, and overcome with the feeling of “what’s the point of today?” and try to go back to sleep, resulting in getting nothing done. I wasn’t taking very good care of myself, either. That included eating literal junk for breakfast (I’m talking cosmic brownies and a coke) and then it was back to bed for me. Life in general wasn’t appealing to me, how could a balanced and healthy breakfast be??

“Victoria, how do you even have a morning routine?” I get this question all the time and I simply respond that I couldn’t survive without one! In the midst of all my chaos and anxiety, I have to have something set in stone every day. I feel more motivated this way, resulting in accomplishment, which then results in feeling satisfied. It’s definitely my non-negotiable. I do everything in the same order every morning since the rest of my day is scattered from the time I leave the house. This way, I have time in the morning to gather my racing thoughts and calm them down by doing self care “busy work”.

Thanks to having a morning/self care routine, i’m now:

  • Less anxious when I wake up
  • Happier
  • Ready to take on the day, everyday
  • More calm throughout the day
  • Eating emotionally less and less.

So, if you’re life is pure anarchy, and you need something to keep you grounded, I have a morning routine I’m about to share with you. Feel free to add or take away things as you see fit. Also, please note I work the night shift, so “morning” is used loosely here! (Night Owls, unite!)

  • Wake up at the same time everyday– Do NOT hit snooze!!! I know- you can feel the excruciating exhaustion already. But i’m telling you, your body WILL get used to it! And, you’ll feel so much more productive the sooner you get up instead of wasting precious time in bed!
  • Open the curtains and make the bed The sooner you get natural light in your room, the sooner you’ll feel awake (and not regret not hitting that snooze button). Making the bed makes it easier to envision a fresh start to the day.
  • Hydrate- Drink an 8 ounce glass of ice cold water ASAP!! Not only does that icy feel jolt you awake, cold water as soon as you get up in the morning can help boost your metabolism! P.S. college girl living off Ramen: Ask a family member for a Brita and some replacement filters for the next holiday/birthday to save money on bottled water! 
  • Gratitude– Write down at least 3 things you’re thankful for today. Start the day off on a positive note.
  • HygieneWash away your doubts for the day with a nice shower. Brush your teeth, exfoliate your pores, and put on some deodorant! Clean=Confident. 
  • Play some happy tunes– Listening to upbeat music (and maybe even singing in the shower) will automatically boost your mood. I listen to the public playlist, Happy Pop Hits, on Spotify! You can also listen to podcasts, Here’s a list of Personal Development Podcasts by Hello Peaceful Mind for you to listen to! Listening to the mood you want to be in, rather than the mood you are in will produce a nicer mentality for your day.
  • Cook a nutritious breakfast While you’re listening to your upbeat music, make a yummy breakfast and enjoy it! Single task! No cell phones! Savoring your breakfast peacefully and slowly will make you less hungry until lunch time! At the very least, have a bowl full of your fav fruit and a glass of OJ for your necessary vitamins and nutrients!
  • Put on a killer outfit! Making an effort with my #OOTD, hair and makeup is a total confidence booster, and makes me ready to carpe diem! Dressing for success is important.
  • Read 10 pages Reading 10 pages of a self help book really boosts your self confidence and reminds you why simplicity is the way to go. This book by Emily Ley is AMAZING (psa, it is christian based and talks about faith here and there, however it is still a very powerful tool if you’re able to overlook it!) 
  • Plan your dayBreathe and plan, babe! Do what makes sense first! For example, it usually makes more sense to do your grocery shopping last since there’s likely perishables or frozen items and to do things like your post office trip and regular shopping-clothes, home decor, ect- first. (You can also do this the night before, it’s all about preferences) My all time favorite planner is the Happy Planner. It gives you so much space, and you can add or take away pages to it to make it tailored to you. 

Well babes! That’s my morning routine! Because of these ten daily non-negotiables, My anxiety levels are down, I’m happier, and WAY more pleasant to be around (seriously). I hope these suggestions help you, too!

What do you have in your morning self care routine? Share below!




6 thoughts on “Rise and Shine With Anxiety and Stress: My Morning Routine

  1. Caitlin

    I need a morning routine like this. ❤️ I do love to start a day off with green or black tea. Helps me wake up and feel satisfied until lunch.

  2. Holly

    Girl, this speaks to me. Especially with kids, when I’ve had a rough night, and they wake too early— I need to start forcing myself to get dressed BEFORE going downstairs. Makes such a difference when I do. 😘.

    • layeredlifestyle

      Hey Holly!
      I always feel 10X more productive when I have on my fav pair of skinnies and a nice shirt! I’m glad that works for you too!! ❤️❤️

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